Painters have a tactic of expressing what happens in our realm through their work. Artwork is for prettification, entertainment or revealing hidden truth. Salvador Dali reveals things happening in his mind through paintings of different mediums. Surrealism is a form of art where he grossed attention from addressees. He had a talent of drawing and perfected it by attending art school. Paintings of Persistence of Memory, Soft Construction with Boiled Beans, Tuna Fishing among others use symbolism to communicate to audience.

In painting of Burning Giraffe, there are feminine figures with bruised arms while one figure has a sword carried in a way suggesting she wants to kill herself. Battered arms denote effects of civil war within a country and underdevelopment experienced. Female creature who wants to stab herself refers to ethnic groups within same nation wagging confrontation against each other. Deserted landscape implies hopelessness during war. Painting of Face of War communicates desperateness and death during war within artist’s environment.

Metamorphosis of Narcissus together with Swans

Persistence of Memory is a famous painting because of melting watches on it. A patch of a sleeping face with a melting clock signifies softness of sleep gradually to a hard surface. Ants cover the orange watch to show dwindling of time by various activities of your day. Melting expresses irreversibility of time within a dream and in reality. Sluggish nature of time in a dream is seen by how clocks are far apart from each other. Regardless of time, memory of a dream stays fresh in a dreamer’s mind. Background having rocks and water body shows location of painter during a dream.

Metamorphosis of Narcissus together with Swans reflecting elephants use optical illusion. Swans reflecting elephants has image of a man who looks away from the scene. Through love, unity is achieved while a continuous state of togetherness gradually yields strength that is not broken. Narcissus admires his image on water revealing that situations have their reflection either good or bad. Dreams are idealized in art in a pleasant manner to capture attention of audience.

Dream caused by Flight of a

Painting of Soft Construction with Boiled Beans was produced before political war broke out in Spain. Two monstrous creatures appear to be in a fight with neither parties winning, beneath them are beans. Dry ground implies how situation had worsened paralysing most activities within a country. Beans was readily available during time of financial crisis for common citizens. Even though there is a dull sky, a blueish part appears to symbolize optimism for a country.

Dream caused by Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening has Gala who is asleep. A giant fish pops out of a pomegranate, out of giant fish comes a tiger that spews another tiger. Elephant with flamingo legs is in their painting to refer to weightlessness of unfolding event. Buzzing of a bee will distract Gala from sound sleep, waking her up before time to witness events around her. Slumber makes mind to be partially unconscious subjecting a dreamer to vulnerability of possible events. When the sleeping lady wakes up, she will be frightened by tigers approaching together with a rifle.

Dali's popular paintings

Galatea of spheres is a portrait of Gala having spherical objects, she appears relaxed according to a portrait. Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki propelled Salvador to look into nuclear physics along with modern science. Matter is made of atoms, dense atoms in the portrait explains relevance of atoms in every existing objects. While making a portrait of Galatea, Salvador had renewed faith in Catholicism; linking Christianity with science. Beautiful images of Gala express extremes to which the surrealist adored beauty of his wife.

Great Mastubator, a controversial drawing that sparked debates was made at a time he met Dali. In a dream, the painter visualizes a lady’s mouth near a male crotch. Below the human patch there are two humans holding hands with close distance to show they are in love. Impression that Salvador had of diseases attacking female reproductive organs brought panic before he met Dali who became his wife. Erotic transformation Dali experienced changed perception he had concerning sexual encounter with opposite sex.

Gift of imagination along with refining of talent resulted to fame earned in his artistic journey. Paintings were time consuming because of numerous techniques applied for perfection. Memory of Dali lives on because of precision with which he carried out literature together with fine arts. Museum host Dali’s work that reminds of symbolism along with great mind of creativity he had.