The act of giving a better makeover, after the process of taking themes or ideals that are shown in traditional surrealism, is called hyper-surrealism. Hyper surrealism is somehow new in the artistic industry, especially for young artists, but these forms of arts existed since the year 1970. This type of art, had main features like editing, its main mediums were usually handmade, where pictures taken from photographs mix creatively. If a person hears the word ” Hyper-surrealist”, what should come to the person’s mind is a meticulously editing or painting of a photo that’s detailed. Salvador Dali is one of the legends in this type of art, his art work called The Persistence of Memory, was really popular. The painting was iconic, it reigned during his time, as no other paintings could be compared to his. However, other artists say that Salvador Deli paintings were not similar with this new form of art, as it’s different from the paintings that’s evolving with hyper-surrealism.

Surrealism, as the word sounds, is

Surrealism, as the word sounds, is all about having an ideology of the fact that, things in general are seen as the same. With this character, the term hyper-surrealism, would continue to be a common art worldwide, even if some are not realistic in human eyes. For example, the sculpture of the wings by Xooang Choi, in year 2009, an individual could clearly see its indifference, as they were not equal. This artwork didn’t have the intention of being realistic, at least traditionally, as its coloring and landscape were not real. All surrealistic painting has a meaning to show to different people, they teach, inspire, and educate. Some of these artistic work portrays something that’s not from our world, while others show us things present in the globe, but in another way that we didn’t think of seeing it.

The meaning of hyper surrealism

Young artist should practice and study surrealistic artwork, so that it can help them creatively, despite any indifference. There is always a traditional way of doing arts, like paintings of melting clocks or wings made with human hands, but there’s a lesson to learn despite its unrealistic nature. What makes surrealistic artwork unique? The uniqueness of surrealism is that, it’s an artwork that focuses on details, as its end result is stylish, detailed, so on. Surrealistic paintings aren’t easy interpretations of a photo’s meaning, the viewer have to come up with an understanding of such photograph after viewing it. Not all surrealistic pictures can interpret, they can’t show you the meaning of subjects.

So instead of showing you its meaning, pictorial elements are used, they some times cause illusion to the human eye, as they’re not real. Such artistic talent really has to be appreciated because, it isn’t easy, not everyone can get engaged in this type of sculpturing. Finally, themes which represents emotions, society, culture, politics, character, and other related themes, are used to represent illusionistic visual impressions.

With the way hper surrealism is evolving, more individuals are definitely going to get involved in the visual art, more schools might also teach students about its history.